The AIMS and OBJECTIVES of LASRA are to: –

Establish, develop, and maintain links with retired staff of the LAS and the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.
Develop and maintain contact between members of LASRA.
Provide a continuing link with the LAS NHS Trust.
Offer welfare advice and support.
Organise social events and activities.
Hold an annual lunch and reunion.
Regularly circulate our own LASRA Newsletter and other relevant information to our membership.
Raise awareness of LASRA.
Establish and develop links with other organisations, associations, societies, and companies that complement LASRA aims and objectives.
LASRA is and will remain completely independent of the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.
Membership to LASRA is open, by invitation from or application to the committee, to all retired staff (whether by age or medical retirement) of the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, regardless of age or length of service and shall comprise of the following categories.
Full Membership.
Life Membership, those Full Members who have reached 80 (eighty) years of age.
Honorary Life Membership, widows or widowers of deceased Full Members.
Associate Membership, those that the Committee feel have contributed to the existence of LASRA but have never been employed by the LAS or LAS NHS Trust.
An Associate Member shall have no voting rights at any meeting, nor will they be expected to pay any membership fees. However they will be welcome to attend, as spectators at LASRA’s AGM.
LASRA is closed to staff dismissed from the LAS or LAS NHS Trust for misconduct
For new member application form
For existing member renewal form