LAS Poppy Pin 2020

This year, the LAS Poppy Pin celebrates the 75th Anniversary of both Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), 8th May and Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day), 14thAugust. VE Day celebrates the surrender of German Nazi forces thus ending WW2 in mainland Europe, ‘a day forever etched in the memories of those who witnessed it’. Some 3 months later on the14th Aug, Imperial Japan surrendered with the formal surrender ceremony being held onboard the USS Missouri on the 2nd. Sept 1945. 6 years of worldwide conflict was finally over and we forever remember those who made that ultimate sacrifice. The badges will be available from your local distributer for a minimum donation of £2 and all profits will be to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Campaign.

The Uniform Work Wear Policy OP001, Rule 5.3.8 will permit the badges to be worn on the right side of operational uniform above the NHS logo, between Monday 9th October and Sunday 12th November.

Please direct any enquiries to Andre Elbourne – Le