Message from The Chairman


With all the worries being caused by the coronavirus pandemic I write to reassure you all that LASRA is still active and here for you, if and when you need us. 

Although we have cancelled many of our activities, we are still operating as best we can. 

The editor has been able to complete the spring edition of the Newsletter. However, because of the current situation, we are unable to send a copy by post. Instead, an electronic copy will be sent to those members whose email addresses we have on file. 

If you know of any member who does not have the internet connected please print them off a copy. 

We have no idea when we can return to normal working and I think the only event that may still be able to go ahead is the Bournemouth weekend. 

Hopefully things will have improved by October and we will be able to go ahead. We will 

endeavour to let you know in good time if there is to be a cancellation. 

Also don’t forget I am still here as your welfare advisor. Many problems can be eased by just having a chat. So please contact me if you have any worries. After all, a worry shared is a worry halved. 

I also thank members of the committee for continuing with their duties during this difficult time. 

Finally, on behalf of LASRA, I wish you all well. 

Try to keep the virus away. 

Follow the guidelines given by the Government to keep safe. 

God bless you all. 

Derek Underwood OstJ. 


Maintaining links with retired London Ambulance personnel