Update LASRA Events

Krakow – The tour company are waiting for Ryanair to confirm what we already know.  They will contact us again tomorrow. I would advise all not to contact insurance companies yet as it could all get a bit messy, I would advise if possible to make this a last resort if needed.  


Dunkirk – I have spoken with Leger today ref the tour and at present it is going ahead.  If/when the government imposes restrictions which could affect travel and people movement, Leger will advise if the tour is to be cancelled.  A full refund will be made in this case. In the meantime, it is an individual choice whether to travel or not.  It is also possible to move the tour to a later date but obviously without any of the special attractions included in our itinerary.  I’ll keep you up to date with any new developments or you can check Legers website for advice on travel and cancellations etc.

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Stay safe out there.